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Stress Management

Since the beginning of time, stress has been with us. Today, chronic stress can result from careers, conflicts, and deadlines to the demand for money and takes a toll on a family and your health.

The problem is that extreme stress can lead to an upset stomach; for others, it is a back pain, recurring headache, or even muscle stiffness. Other people respond to the effect of stress with allergic reactions and nervous twitches.

Regardless of the types of stress and response, there comes a time in your life when the feelings of stress can result in anxiety and other disorders. Hence, it is crucial to learn survival techniques made possible with stress management counseling in Jacksonville.

Stress Affects Your Health Jacksonville FL 32204

Why Choose Stress Management Counseling

Whether going through a traumatic or mundane event, stress can lead to physical health issues resulting in unexplained headaches and other concerns in the human body.

Hence,  you will need to face the problem head-on. So, if you relate to stress from:

It helps to handle your long-term stressors by learning healthy stress management techniques to tackle your severe issues. Here at Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville, we have many options for people to handle primary stressors.

"When I lost my business,, and my debt started to pile up,, I had no one to turn to. A friend of mine offered me some help to see a stress management therapist to help me deal with my physical symptoms. With their service I am able to move forward and have also found a reputable job enabling me to pay my debt and still survive."

- Martin Rourke (Jacksonville)

How Can Stress Management Help

Dealing with the common symptoms of stress leads to mental health disorders that can alter your life. With stress management, counselors help you to find healthy coping techniques to deal with the stresses of life. These techniques can include:

  • CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is popular as it is versatile and practical to handle stress in a busy life. With CBT, you can identify the unhealthy stress the moment they start and use coping techniques with positive thinking to reverse the forms of stress you have.
  • You will learn typical lifestyle changes to help with the positive effects of CBT. It might be that you need to change your routine in your daily life to other habits to help minimize those triggers.
  • Furthermore, when going through professional stress, it also helps to do meditation, but the therapist might recommend medication if you have severe stress.
Stress Management Jacksonville FL 32204

Learn to Deal With Chronic Stress Today

What Causes Stress Jacksonville FL 32204

The effects stress has on a person can vary from one to another. So, if you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and pressured by the accumulation of stress
  • Finding it difficult to get along with others because of your consistent stress
  • The feeling of anxiety is changing your behavior to anger, crying, or temper outbursts
  • The tremendous pressure you have is giving you sleepless nights or too much sleeping
  • Or the type of stress is leading to difficulty communicating with others, and you feel impatient

Then the aspect of life may take over in your everyday life, and you need help. Instead of not living happy lives and experiencing stress daily, talk to one of our counselors today. Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville can help you with stress management to deal with the daily stressors in life.