About Us

About Us

Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville has been serving the community for personal problems for decades. We have a professional in-house team of therapists who have helped many individuals, couples, and families deal with issues.

No matter where you come from, we will treat your concerns and work toward a goal and healthy relationships. Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville's mission is to provide residents with solutions using different methods.

Our goal is to help individuals and families increase their coping skills and come to terms with their adjustments.

Your local marriage counseling Jacksonville FL 32204

While the city is not the most relaxed place, there are always temptations. So, whether you are caught up in those temptations, we understand how it can affect your life.

We are here to help with any temptation, from addiction and infidelity to stress factors at work, in the relationship, or at home with the family. We provide individual therapy, couples therapy, marriage counseling, family counseling, premarital counseling, conflict resolution therapy, and more.

We also provide group sessions for family crises acting as intermediaries to help overcome those problems. We know that struggling is a way of life, but learning how to cope with those struggles leads to a productive and happy life.

Our professionals are skilled in helping with substance abuse, mental health concerns, relationship issues, and more. Get a quote from us now and schedule your appointment today for help.