Grief Counseling Jacksonville

Grief Counseling

Whether you have lost a pet, family member, or loved one, are divorced, are going through a move or a painful breakup, or lost a job, our grief counselor can help. With us, you can move through the stages of grief to deal with the pain and bring your life back to balance with a positive outlook.

At Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville, we have a team of licensed and professional therapists to help you move forward with this chapter of life. Whether it is a family, couple, or individual, contact us today for help.


"I lost my job and with the packet I received, finding new employment was not easy. I had mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay. I cried with grief and found it difficult to stand up daily to look through the job ads. Eventually, I found help from a counselor at Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville. The person who helped me had experience with grief and related to my problem. Today, I have another job, and we are making ends meet."

- Becky Knox (West Jacksonville)

At What Stage of Grief Are You Now?

Grief affects people differently. Some people live in denial at first but eventually accept their loss. At the same time, other people move back and forth between anger, regret, and sadness. Still, widely recognized stages of grief exist and include:

  • First comes denial as you struggle to accept your loss and deny the reality.
  • Then comes anger as you discover a family member passed on or you lost your job. Hence, you feel anger towards everyone trying to help.
  • Next, you deal with bargaining, thinking of if only you should have. These are only a few phrases you might mutter at this stage. Finally, you regret what you did or did not say to a loved one.
  • Another stage can occur if you do not see a counselor; this grief process leads to depression. Again, you feel desperate and hopeless and need all the support you can get at this stage.
  • Lastly, you reach the acceptance stage, where you accept the loss of the loved one or job, knowing you need to move on.
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Still, every person's experience of grief is different. You may go through these stages or only experience one or two. Yet, the essential thing is to find someone you trust to share those feelings with. Then, with a grief counselor, you can find a healthy life balance again.

Grief is Not Easily Resolved, But it Is Possible

Dealing with grief in any form is painful, as you cannot always talk to friends or family. Hence, making a grief counseling appointment with Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville can help. We take a compassionate and unique approach to help you through grief. In addition, our therapists have years of experience to help you on the road to recovery.

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  • Our counselors are professionals and skilled in handling any form of grief
  • We specialize in relationship loss, anxiety, divorce counseling, to any other form of grief
  • The sessions are done with the highest confidentiality to give you peace of mind
  • Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville is one of the most respected grief counseling specialists in Florida

While grief has a beginning, and you may feel it has no end, this is not true. With grief, you are torn apart as your particular needs are robbed. So, if your loss makes you feel torn apart, need something special, or feel robbed.

Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville invites you to see a grief counselor today. We have a group of talented and trusted grief counselors in Jacksonville. Get in touch with us today to schedule your grief counseling appointment NOW.