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Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Every year millions of people get diagnosed with anxiety, and Jacksonville is no exception. Anxiety disorder is a typical mental illness found globally.

The fact is that people suffering from anxiety disorders also fights depression at some point in their life. So yes, anxiety sometimes goes hand in hand with the symptoms of depression.

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But there is still a huge misunderstanding between them and how they should be treated. Yet, any person that has struggled will tell you they have heard different advice thrown around, like...

  • "Do you get outdoors for fresh air and the lovely sunshine? I go outside and spend loads of time in the fresh air as it helps me."
  • "Have you tried doing yoga to deep breathing? The next time you feel stressed up, take a deep breath for five counts."
  • "Come with me to the gym. It helps me unwind to remain sane."

Yes, these are self-care activities that could help you if you have a form of depression anxiety. But the illnesses still need added treatment.

While family to friends asking these questions want to help, the disorders are normal ups and downs that everyone experiences the same. The truth is it is a severe illness, and people with anxiety disorders need supervision and treatment from a professional.

You can find many anxiety treatment programs available, but it needs to be done by a skilled therapist to find the correct diagnosis for treating anxiety. Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville has depression and anxiety counselors to help.

We understand this mental illness's emotional and physical toll and cater to your needs. Never feel you're alone, as we are here to help. Talk to one of our depression and anxiety therapists today.

"My husband passed away about a year, and it struck me hard. I started to withdraw myself and started the blame game, sinking deeper into depression. Finally, I decided to see a depression therapist at Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville as my life was in turmoil. They helped me work through the grief and accept the road I needed to move forward."

- Charlene Gable (Jacksonville)

Diagnosing Depression & Anxiety

The effects of depression can relate to the Harry Potter movie, where Rowling creates creatures known as dementors. Unfortunately, these dementors only bring darkness, sucking out happiness, and driving to addiction.

Hence, people have no souls, and it all comes from depression. It is one of the most realistic depictions of what a person's life feels when they have anxiety and depression.

Still, when you look at DSM-5 (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fith Edition), there is not a precise diagnosis, and it comes in different forms:

  •  Major Depressive Disorder can leave you feeling disrupted in sleeping to eating patterns. Some people sleep all the time or have difficulty sleeping. You find weight changes in people from too much or weight loss in people. Some people even think about suicide; the symptoms can last up to two weeks.
  • Mild Depression has the same pattern, but the longevity to the severity of the symptoms are not as critical as in Major Depressive Disorder.
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  • Adjustment Disorder is triggered by symptoms of anxiety resulting from substantial life changes like job relocation, divorce, illness, and more. The symptoms are similar to Major Depressive Disorder. Yet, the treatment focuses on changing emotionally to grieve that loss and accept the future.
  • Persistent Depressive Disorder is another form of MDD as it needs frequent with longer treatments, and to diagnose the symptoms, it needs to be present for two years.
  • Lastly, we have Bipolar Disorder creating extreme mood swings and has similar symptoms as the rest. Again, you find a swing moving towards mania, experiencing frenetic energy with euphoric to irritable behavior.

As with depression, anxiety can include

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Panic Disorders
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder

No matter what swings between depression or the risk of depression you have, we are here to help.

Get Your Depression Disorders Under Control Today

If you see any of the depression symptoms mentioned taking place in your or another person's life, it is time to get help. Contact Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville to meet with one of our mental health professionals.

People with depression may not always need medication and may only need someone to talk to. It will be the first start on a road of recovery. We offer appointments for anxiety and depression counseling.

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Find Healing and Recover With Us Today 

We provide appointments for depression and anxiety to help you on the road to recovery. When you contact our office, one of our specialists will help schedule an appointment that works best for you. We do evening to weekend sessions, and you will not be on a waitlist. So let us work together today; we are waiting for your call.