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What is Addiction?

Nickolas started using marijuana after school with a close friend. It made him feel part of the crowd and harmless at first. Then the few times a week turned into a daily habit.

When Nickolas became stressed, he smoked, and as time progressed, it became regular with breaking up with a girlfriend, taking tests, and parting a job to his parent's divorce.

As years passed, Nicholas started working a full-time job and knows if they tested him for substance abuse, he would get fired. So he tried to quit as often as before, but within a week, he lost the battle and wondered if I was addicted, considering having addiction counseling.


Does this sound familiar to you? Then you're not alone, as there are millions of people facing the same problem that, include alcohol, drug, gambling, to sexual addiction.

No matter the form of addiction you relate to, there is help to see family therapy for addiction and recovery counseling here with us. We know the addiction recovery journey is not easy, but with Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville, it is possible.

We have helped many in Jacksonville, FL, with the addiction recovery process. Still, it takes commitment from you or other persons with addictions to sober up. We will help you with healing to free you from the habit.

The Misconception About Addiction

When it comes to addiction to alcohol or any other form of habit, there are many misconceptions about it. Unfortunately, these misunderstandings cause addicts not to receive the correct care.

Still, the key to recovery is early intervention, as delayed care or even the lack of it becomes devastating for all involved. The best way to help fight all these tales is to show people the facts about addiction and how it can function.

First Misconception: It is uncommon

Whispering this is a lie as you are not alone, as the reality is many people are following addiction recovery programs with us. We provide a confidential, safe environment helping addicts with a support system to help. These people are currently fighting or have fought addiction.

Second Misconception: Addicts choose to be that way

Most addicts beat themselves up and think if only I made these choices instead of others. But unfortunately, no one chooses to get an illness like cancer or even have an addiction to drugs or any other form. Therefore, the only choice an addict has is to walk the road to recovery. Still, it all comes down to willpower and rewiring the brain to become balanced and healthier. Hence, addicts need a support system to make better choices.

Third Misconception: Addicts are wimpy

This is a dangerous thing to say, as many addicts feel shamed. However, addiction to pain medication, alcohol, shopping, and more can affect anyone, young and old. The risk factors associated with addiction leave people out of control, but they are the most courageous people you can find. It has nothing to do with being weak.

The truth is addicts need support from others to isolate all these misunderstandings. The road to healing for countless people is reaching out for help and finding the proper care.

Find help from our mental health professionals at Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville today.

"Cocaine was my weakness, and I was introduced to it when living the high life with the wrong friends. I lived in a dream world, but it got the better of me when I lost everything. My family spoke to Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville, but I first needed to realize I needed help. So I followed an addiction treatment and was not disappointed I did. I am busy picking up the pieces to rebuild my life."

John Wayne (Jacksonville North)

We Offer Addiction Treatment Programs

Here at Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville, FL, we have skilled therapists. We present you with personal individual addiction & recovery counseling for various types of addiction that include the following:

  • Substance Addiction
  • Recovery From Addiction
  • Alcohol Dependency
  • One-on-one, Family, and Group Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
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Let Us Help You Come Clean From Addiction

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Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville provides family therapy for addiction, drug addiction, or other addiction programs. With our addiction treatment process, we also help people struggling with disorders who often present with addiction.

We provide professional drug addiction counseling for all suffering from addiction and have a board of certified addiction physicians, counselors, and therapists that can help.