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Jenya Veren

Marriage & Family Therapist,MS,LMFT

Therapist Bio

You probably feel disconnected from your partner. You probably don't feel understood and heard by each other. You probably argue a lot and have the same fights over and over again without resolution.

Or perhaps, there has been an affair and the trust is gone. In my work with couples, I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an effective approach designed to help improve interaction and increase intimacy and emotional connection.

I will help you identify your negative ways of interacting with each other that cause conflicts and disconnect in your relationship. I will help you create new, positive ways of interaction through understanding emotions and needs that drive your behaviors and your partner's behaviors.

As a result, the more you will practice interacting in a new way, the more connected, accepted, and supported by each other you will be able to feel.

I am currently accepting new clients and I'm offering sessions via Zoom / online.


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