Infidelity Counseling Jacksonville

Infidelity Counseling

There is hope after infidelity! Our relationship expert can help with different types of affairs.

Whether your partner has cheated on you sexually, emotionally, or physically, the consequences are devastating. The road to healing is long and emotionally exhausting, with ups and downs.

Dissatisfaction in the Relationship Jacksonville FL 32204

Often infidelities are paired with embarrassment, shame, and guilt. For this reason, numerous couples start to feel isolated and are afraid to talk to friends or family. Still, there is hope that leads to recovery after such an ordeal.

The best part is everyone involved ends up with growth when participating in infidelity counseling in Jacksonville. While our marriage counselor will recommend couples therapy at first, it also helps to partake in group therapy.

Doing this allows couples to rebuild an intimate relationship to heal faster and feel less isolated. With therapy, you can start a recovery process to heal a broken relationship with the support of others that walked the same road as you.

Whether you're in a marital or committed relationship, we can help.

Infidelity: What is it?

Cheating comes in different forms that can impact the betrayed/betrayer in many ways. Most people see infidelity as an emotional to a physical relationship with another person.

  • Emotional affairs are when two people rely on one another who is not family member, and you have intimate feelings. These relationships can start with complaints about their personal life.
  • Physical affairs include physical contact with another person, including a sexual relationship.

Still, both these types of affairs are equally damaging and traumatic. But there are other types of infidelity, and that is sexual addiction when viewing pornography. Most women feel that men are cheating on them when viewing porn.

Yet, no matter the form of infidelity, couples go through trauma in the relationship and feel betrayed. Here at Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville, we can help with relationship counseling to help with the current relationship so that partners re-establish trust among themselves.

What Can You Gain From Infidelity Recovery

With infidelity counseling in Jacksonville , you can regain the level of trust between each other. Yes, we know that the frustration with life is unbearable as you feel your personal life falling apart. The intimate feelings are gone, not even to mention your sex life. But, with a couple of sessions, both can:

  • Learn to understand their emotions about the situation, even towards the unfaithful partner.
  • During couple sessions, partners can identify what each one wants moving forward.
  • Whether you have a couple or individual sessions, each can learn why it happened and how to prevent future affairs.
  • Couples can gain perspective from other people in similar situations and move past the defensiveness to abandon the anger to resentment.

Whether it is infidelity in marriage or a partner relationship, couples after treatment of infidelity:

  • Can rebuild trust and security towards each other in the relationship.
  • Couples learn helpful coping mechanisms to manage their emotions.
  • Finally, couples learn how to handle episodes of infidelity under challenging conversations.
  • Together couples build a solid relationship with boundaries to help protect their relationship as part of healing after infidelity.
  • Lastly, couples can deepen their love connection to rebuild their sexual relationship.

"Hi my name is John, and I had an online relationship with another woman. At first, it was only chatting to sending personal photos to each other. Then things turned out wrong as the relationship became physical. Even after we ended it, the feeling of guilt started to eat me up. I told my wife about it, and things went downhill from there. But we both decided to see an infidelity therapist to see if we could save our relationship. We are working on our relationship to see if we can rebuild what we had lost."

- Johnny Lewis (Jacksonville)

What Does Infidelity Therapy Look Like?

If you decide to join counseling for infidelity, you can expect the following:

  • The first few weeks of the therapy sessions will determine the way forward. Still, it is essential to get the correct information, even if it will be life-changing.
  • Both partners will meet with the relationship expert to discuss each one's psychological background and how to resolve the crisis from the physical affair.
  • If not done yet, the initial thing is to end that affair while maintaining a current routine to learn how to cope emotionally with the current relationship.
  • After about two to three months, you will explore why the affair occurred.

Hence, you can expect to participate in one to two weekly sessions for the first four weeks. Then you will meet for marriage counseling weekly for another month. These sessions can take up to a year, with follow-up sessions monthly for the first year and as needed.

Infidelity Counseling Jacksonville FL 32204
cheating infidelity we can help Jacksonville FL 32204

Start Your Infidelity Recovery Process Here

If you feel cheated or cheated on someone, there is help with couples counseling sessions with Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville. Even if you feel regretful or betrayed, you can get help today.

With couples to individual sessions, you can regain the level of trust to determine the reasons for infidelity to move forward or break up the relationship. But the results all depend on how you address the problems.

With the help of our infidelity therapists, they can help you reach your final agreement to end or move forward with the relationship. Get counseling for infidelity with us today.


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