Premarital Counseling Jacksonville

Premarital Counseling

Have you recently got engaged?

Or are you a newlywed couple?

Perhaps you want to take your relationship with a loved one to the next level!

If you answered yes to the questions, then taking part in a premarital counseling program is far from your mind. You're thinking of the wedding plans, honeymoon, or moving in together. Still, the concept behind counseling might not seem as romantic. You can set up your relationship to succeed to survive long-term.

In-Depth Premarital Counseling Can Be Beneficial

Premarital Counseling Jacksonville FL 32204

With a marital counseling program, you can improve your relationship to communicate better and learn how to handle conflict when it does arise. You can uncover your shared values and identify differences you might have. When working with a premarital counselor, you can discuss your expectations to prepare yourself for the future better.

So, if you relate to any of the following...

  • You argue without resolving them.
  • You always feel as if you need to compromise to save the peace
  • You feel concerned about the financial situation and how it will affect your marriage
  • Maybe you feel concerned you will lose affection or might have diminished sex after getting married
  • Or you would like to resolve conflict in a healthier way
  • Perhaps you have financial to religious differences
  • Or would you like to define the expectations of marital roles

Then you can benefit from premarital counseling in Jacksonville today.

"I and Trevor come from previous marriages, and both of us have a child we need to care for. We have been going out for a long time,,, and our children get along. But we were both concerned that taking the next step in getting married would not be the best for us both. So weSo we saw one of the therapists at Marriage Counseling in Jacksonville to discuss our concerns. Luckily we resolved some issues and have finally tied the knot."

-Trevor and Jess (Jacksonville)

Premarital Couples Can Benefit From Premarital Counseling

When it comes to being in a relationship or married, it is essential to be able to speak to your partner about anything, even if it is awkward. To become an effective couple working together, a premarital counseling program can help.

You will learn to become a better listener and voice yourself positively with the counselor. In addition, with the premarital counseling program, you will learn how to handle conflict in your relationship.

When living with your other half, arguments can arise from mundane to serious ones. How the argument escalates determines if it will be resolved or creep up again. When you learn to de-escalate arguments and fight fair, it does not leave behind emotional pain from things said.

Premarital Counseling Benefits Jacksonville FL 32204

Invest in Premarital Counseling Today 

During premarital counseling, we at Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville might bring up topics you may have discussed with your partner. We may even bring up discussions never considered before.

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When you have a fresh perspective from a third person present, you can uncover new details you did not know about each other. Now is the best time to reveal those unexpected areas when you do disagree to use the tools you receive to handle conflict in the future.

One of life's most treasured moments is getting married. With premarital counseling in Jacksonville, we at Marriage Counseling Jacksonville can help you to turn this momentous occasion into a lasting and loving relationship.

For support and guidance to help strengthen your relationship, contact us today to schedule an appointment.