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Even healthy relationships can go through rocky periods at some stage of their life. No matter how long a couple has been married there are still times where little things can get the better of one partner and friction rears its ugly head and for no reason or before you know it, a relationship can break down with no fault on either party.


Do You Need a Jacksonville Marriage Counselor?

Even though you might be in a relationship which you think has broken down and cannot be recovered. This isn’t always the case. A marriage counselor Jacksonville couple’s turn to in their moment of need can help although partners should first determine if they need help. There are a few easy questions to ask yourself which will help you to understand if you need the confidential assistance of Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville therapists or not.


  • Did you marry young?
  • Did you graduate from high school?
  • Are you in a low-income salary bracket?
  • Did your parent’s divorce?
  • Do you criticize one and other often?
  • Do either of you become withdrawn?
  • Is communication lacking or poor?
  • Is there infidelity or substance abuse involved?


Answering to more than a few of these can lead you to know seeking the assistance of a marriage Counselor from Marriage Counseling of Jacksonville can help to get your relationship back on track.


How Effective is Marriage Counseling

This form of counseling has had many studies to see if it is useful. A lot depends on the parties involved and over time our licensed therapists have noted who is best to gain the most from seeking the assistance from our therapists. Our counselors have also noticed the couples who make that first confidential phone call to 904-664-4854 are heading in the right direction.


Who benefits from Marriage Counseling?

The following is the types who will benefit most from one of our licensed therapists for marriage counseling.


  • Partners who know they have problems and are willing to look at themselves and their flaws
  • Couples who are still in love with each other
  • Younger couples
  • Non-sexist or egalitarian couples
  • Couples who accept therapy and change



Who Benefits the Least from Marriage Counseling?

As much as out therapist try and help couples who have turned to Jacksonville marriage counseling. In rare cases, our therapists are unable to help if the couples themselves are past the stage of reconciliation. The ones who are most likely to gain anything from our marriage counseling sessions are:


  • Couples who have waited for an extended period before seeking help
  • One of the parties in the marriage being closed to any suggestion which could save the relationship or marriage
  • When one p[partner is addicted to alcohol, pornography or substance abuse
  • When one partner has their mind set on divorce
  • A marriage where the couple attends therapy session yet one partner is not interested in the work needed


Results of Jacksonville Marriage Counseling

All of our skilled therapists and counselors have spent many years pouring over the results of this type of session. They have concluded when couples are happy there is pretty much no conflict they can overcome. Our therapists are proud to have helped many Jacksonville couples to regain this happiness,so they are able to enjoy their loving relationship.